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Menopause Weight Loss 🌱
Does Not Have To Be Hard 

I lost 40+ Lbs and dropped 4 dress sizes,
and I am on a mission to help you get results too

I failed at every diet

Let me introduce myself.

I am Claudia Kaldenbach, 55 years (menopausal), enterpreneur and happily married. Gave birth to 2 childeren and having an empty nest.

People know me as a positive person, fulll of energy but in the beginning of 2020 I was not feeling so happy anymore. Out of breath when climbing the stairs and lacking energy to start the day.

I have been failing on diets for 30 years, raising the bars of what I thought was an acceptable weight I should not pass.
In fact I was just rationalising it, since I felt hopeless, simply did not know how to turn it around.

Turning vegan in 2016 made me lose 16 pounds, but it all came back.


It all turned around when Covid came. I was 53 year old, and I realised I was obese (93 Kg) and at risk. Losing weight was no longer an option but a necessity.

I went on a quest to discover what WOULD work. No more short term fad diets, but motivated for real CHANGE. I attended health summits, invested in courses and books, read lots of scientific articles. Merged several insights and started to apply it.

Within days my body started to lose weight, and I felt great! The first 2 months I lost 20 Lbs and the transformation continued. Now - fast forward - I lost 40 pounds and am back in the body of 25 years ago.

People are giving compliments left and right and ask me what I have done. Since this year I have shared this approach with other women, and they have weight loss results too. More energy and better energy.

I am here to bring you hope and give you tools to make a change in your struggle too. Please use the free resources I create for you, or if you'd like to speed up your results pick one of the services I have for you.

I would love to brag about your weight loss results

Ben Je Er Klaar Voor Om De Impasse Te Doorbreken?

Ik daag je uit om 5 dagen te stoppen met snaaien

Je zult gaan inzien wat de oorzaak er van is en hoe je het kunt doorbreken.

Met steun van de mensen in de Facebookgroep gaat het je lukken!

Ik accepteer de uitdaging!

How to lose weight during menopause?

I see a lot of women struggling with what to eat, even if they have been plant-based for years. 

I know, I have been there too! In 2016 I turned vegan, lost some weight but it all came back

That's why I am really excited to share with you what YOUR body needs to reach your weight loss goal.

Having access to data of 100.000+ clients, I can customize a nutrition plan for YOUR body to lose weight the healthy way. `

A customized nutrition report is what is what I only give my mastermind clients access too.

Now you can benefit it from it too, even if you decide to continue your weight loss journey alone.

So this is NOT a one size fits all approach and certainly not another hype diet. I make weight loss PERSONAL and inevitable.

But first we have to see IF you are a great fit or not.

STEP 1 is to book a Clarity Call 

What you will get out of this clarity call.

  • Which Goal Weight is realistic for YOU

  • How to restore the belief you can do it this time

  • How to get results quickly      

This system is based upon scientific research and implies natural food and nutrition to help you transform to a lifestyle instead of using a diet to deprive yourself. 

This website and my services are for educational purpose only. Always consult with your doctor or specialist, especially if you are using medicin. Because of natural nutrition, your body can improve and so can your bloodvalues. Which might mean your doctor has to review the dosing of your medicin.

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