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From struggling with obesity to inevitable weight loss...

Would you like to learn how to lose 20 pounds within 2 months, without having to exercise? Even if you failed at every diet in the past?

Would you like to learn how to use food as nutrition for your body, so you will feel better from within?

Would you be interested in learning a healthier lifestyle, so weight loss becomes inevitable while eating better for health? Enabling yourself to escape the diet mindset once and for all?

This was me, 14 months ago...

It all started for me in May 2020, being obese and on medicine. Weight loss was no longer an option; because of COVID I was at risk. I had to change it NOW, even if I had no clue WHAT I had to do.

COVID gave me all the time to put my health first and go on a quest to do intense research to find scientific proof about what WOULD work.

I combined several insights into my own lifestyle and now am back in a healthy body weight, lost 20 kilos and went from size 46 to 40.

It feels like taking a timemachine and stepping back into the body of 25 years ago

You're probably at the point where I was.

If you are obese, you are likely to have one or more chronic disseases.

You feel stuck, not knowing what to do or what not to do anymore. Information out there is confusing, and what you are able to implement does not give lasting results.

You feel lousy waking up, trying to find the energy to get things done.

You started to question yourself: “What is wrong with me? “ Wishing: “If only you would have more willpower...or discipline”.

You tell yourself that you just need to eat less. Or exercise more. Or do both. You are being harsh on yourself on what you feel you SHOULD do.

You might feel seduced in the environment of temptation we live in. You get triggered sometimes to eat in between meals. Even if you are not hungry, Just to feel good. It could be something salty, fat or sweet. Feeling guilty after that, thinking “Now it doesn’t matter anymore” and eating even more.

The problems you experience

You have come to a point that you sometimes feel life has become pretty hard.

Your body like it is right now - like you look on the outside - is not matching the spirit within. The extra weight you carry around day by day is draining you down. And you feel kind of insecure in social settings because of the way it is or the way you feel about that.

At the same time you are not able to do what “normal” people are able to do. Tying your shoes, going outdoors, going up the stairs without feeling out of breath, being active in and around your house. It has become more difficult to look at yourself in the mirror.

Not be able to be active anymore with friends, children or even (grand)children. It is affecting the quality of friendships and family relations that are so important in life for you.

The costs of your health not improving? Besides the obvious medical bills, you fear it will never change and you worry about that. That this is the new reality to cope with the rest of your life. Feeling insecure how much longer you will be able to stay alive. Staying chronically ill is not an option. 

You remain positive despite everything and want to say “The best is yet to come”, since you want to experience and contribute to happiness being around people you love.

You want to feel ALIVE and enjoy your loved ones longer

"I am really proud of her" "I've watched my mom struggle with her weight for years. She's tried everything over the years, but nothing seemed to work. A few years ago I decided to eat vegetarian for a summer and Mom joined me for fun. What we thought was a vegan cookbook turned out to be vegan. And then suddenly we were too. And that was pleasing! But helping with weight loss didn't really work for my mom. Yet she did not give up and afterwards fully immersed herself in plant-based food and found the right balance. And now? Wow! Mom has never been so slim, so energetic and so cheerful. I am really proud of her and I hope she can offer other women the same experience."

- Nadieh Kaldenbach, Daughter (22 years of age)

I am here to bring you hope

I am here to tell you, you are not alone.

50-70% of adults worldwide are overweight 99% fail at diets, still the diet industry is huge.

And it is not your fault. The fastfood-industry and the food-industry market unhealthy food to us. And we lost connection with what food is all about. We are surrounded by food all the time, always and anywhere.

The good news is that food can be like a medicine, and there is a system to escape the diet mindset and turn things around.

"I already lost 4 kilos, feel healthier, and feel more energy. ...Losing weight does not need to be a lonely journey. It is so much better to do it together: easier and fun and wonderful. Claudia is so amazing in understanding exactly where you are at on those little struggles that will make or break the deal of you losing weight. ...It feels amazing to have somebody right beside you in that journey and she is definitely my girl for that."

- Marina P, lost 4 kilos in a few weeks

The ALIVE program is designed upon 5 pillars

1. Aligned with your values: optimism, vision for the future, health, sustainability. You will learn how to focus on healthier decisions, so weight loss will be inevitable.

2. Leave the processed food out of it: You will learn which processed foods to avoid and why. You will learn more about the proper nutrition for YOUR body. Based upon more natural food, high in volume, fiber and nutrition, low in calories.

3. Intermittent fasting: Our body is not made for weight loss, but to survive. So I body puts on reserves for times when there is no food. By eating 3 meals a day via intermittent fasting, we will give your body ‘fasting time’ every day so it will burn fat. Using nature's law for you instead of against you

4. Vitality: By changing what you eat, you will put in more nutrition and fibers and improve gut health. Gut health is extremely important to live a longer life. And you will feel more energy in your body because of it.

5. Emotions. Weight loss is more than food alone. You will learn how to get rid of GUILT while eating. You will be guided for 90 days and know exactly what to focus on. You will learn how to change behavior without needing to rely on willpower. And we will celebrate every part of that

Here are some more results of people that applied the ALIVE lifestyle

  • 10 pound weight loss within 4 weeks

  • 20 pound weight loss within 2 months

  • 50 pound weight loss within 6 months

  • From size 46 to 40

  • From obese to a healthy weight

  • Even clients that had smaller weight loss goals, and were at a healthy weight have been able to lose weight

    “I have lost 12 pounds and have not gained it back. I am so glad that I fit into my favorite clothes again”

    - Marion. started at a healthy BMI, downsized her cloths from size 40 to 38

    The 90 day program is designed with RESULTS in mind and what makes it different than ANYTHING out there is:


    So you can be assured that this program is created to get YOUR body results. This is not a one size fit all. 


    FASE 1: MENU

    We will start the program with creating a personalized nutrition report,based upon
    - diet preferences (Plant-based Lifestyle🌱)
    - current weight;
    - height;
    - goal weight;
    - activity level in your job;
    - ability to move or exercise.
    The great thing about this, is that it is science based and personalized, to what YOU need.

    1. you will know exactly what to eat and what not to eat, to create a balanced plant-based menu and reach your weight loss goal. No more guessing what amounts you should eat, optimized for energy and weight loss, without the need of counting calories.

    2. you will have a SMART goal for the longer term, and a focus for our 90 days of working together. You are investing in a lifestyle program you can apply for the rest of your life!

    PS Got more weight to lose? Continue with what you have learned for life on your own. (Or continue to work 1:1 with me or in a group coaching session, so you can stay on track and not fall of the wagon.)


    You might be wondering if this could work for you, after failing at so many diets in the past. I know, I have been there too. I failed at diets for 30 years of my life! That's why this program is designed to help you notice the first results in the first weeks of us working together. A spark of hope and going all in, is all you need to get results.

    And that feel's so exciting to break through that plateau. It will motivate you even more for health, and empower you to change your habits so this new lifestyle becomes automatic and easy.

    1. You get access to our FB Messenger chat and ask me any question or share any struggle, so you are no longer alone and never get stuck

    2. We will plan weekly Coaching Calls: 12 of them. Designed to share your wins, struggles and ask questions and we monitor input vs output and what to focus on. With these insights and the tools you get, you will feel fully supported.

    1. INPUT: habits: we will make your busy life easier, with proper meal planning, ready to go menu's and shopping lists. My Unique practical approach on how to plan, prep and organize it all can easily help you save up to 4 hours a week. Just saving that much time, could be worth investing in this program.

    By putting your food first, you will never stand in front of the fridge again wondering what is for diner. 

    The bonus recipebook will inspire you to try new dishes and improve your plant-based cooking skills. No more blend meals, but you will spice up your dishes so people around you ask if they can have a bite.

    2. OUTPUT: We will monitor your weight weekly, as well as how you feel and how eating more natural improves your bloodvalues.  If you are obese right now, it is possible to lose up to 20 Lbs within 2 months. A weight loss of 1 -3 Lbs per week is great progress. would love you to be my next succes story and do all in my power to guide you there.

    Depending on your weight loss goals, at the end of the 90 days we will focus on how to maintain this lifestyle, so it becomes automatic and you can keep the weight off. You will have all you need for a lifestyle you can maintain, without giving up the fun in live. 

    It will have become a new way of living. Yes, you can have a guilty pleasure now and than if you chose to! No longer feeling you have to say no all the time.

    As mothers, we tend to look after everyone and everything. You will discover that it is time to take better care of yourself, so you can take better care of others.

    STRONG SUPPORT SYSTEM, so you will no longer feel alone in this and never get stuck anymore

    1. No longer will you need to depend on will power. We put systems and processed in place, so you will stay on track easily.

    2. Measure input (habits) and results (visually)- your GPS for success, so you will know what works and what not (Just like a plane)

    3. Community of like minded peers who are on a weight loss journey as well, so you will all motivate each other and learn from each other. You might make new friends or find a Buddy

    4. 1:1 check in calls every week, to make sure that you optimise results

    5. Get your questions answered & share success Use FB (group) messenger when stuck

    Results & Proof

    You will be able to notice results within 2 weeks, and have a visual of your results, like this

    My results, even while stille testing :)

    This is what to do next


    You are sick and tired of sick being at a plateau, not knowing what you are doing wrong. You are motivated to lose weight for health, but just might feel discouraged, because you don't know how.You are motivated for health primairly and understand that better nutrition and weight loss could get you there.

    All you need to do is to make a decision that you are ready for change right now. If that is you and you are motivated to put the energy in, you can count on me doing the same.

    What is the value for getting the solution you are looking for?
    How will it impact your
    - energy at work (how more productive could you be?)
    - relationships (how more confident would you feel)
    - health (you might need less or no medicin- let your doctor advice you when your body changes)
    - confidence (you feel more comfortable to say what you want)
    - finances (you might save on medical bills)
    - lifespan (what's the value of adding more years to your life?)
    - time (saving up to 4 hours every week-> time never comes back, does it?)

    If you put an value on that all, what would you say it would be worth?
    Probably: "PRICELESS"

    In the diet industry, 1 pond weight loss that you can keep off, would be worth 500 dollars, so if you would lose 20 Pounds we are talking about a value of at least 10.000 euro

    The ALIVE program has already been proven to get results, yet I want to make it even better. With your feedback, I will design an app the coming 30 days. To guide and support my clients even more, besides coaching calls and DM via FB messenger.

    This program is ment for action takers, so you will get rewarded if you sign up now.

    Next month I will at least double the current pricing, so no better timing than NOW. Your current investment for this lifestyle program for life is just 800 euro. Any time pricing can go up with 200 euro to 1000, 1200, 1400 euro.

    I have 4 spots available, for founder members only. You will get an amazing experience the coming 12 weeks and thanks to your feedback, you will
    co create with me and get even more value.

    I don't want your finances to keep you from investing in your health. You see I am on a mission, and dedicated to YOUR success. Feel free to discuss a paymentplan from 99 euro's a month.
    (You might even be able to earn that back with the budget tips- see below)

    STEP 2 Goal Setting (1:1 coaching call)
    Once you decided to work with me, you plan the start of the program within 2 weeks from now at www.calendly.com/eatforchange. This 1:1 call will give you 

    Tool: Personalised Nutrition Plan
    Goal: SMART goal, personalized to YOU
    Tool: Weekmenu + Shoppinglist
    Tool: Recipebook to get inspiration, so you can create your own weekmenu's too

    This nutrition report is a great tool to discuss with your doctor or specialist. They will not mind that you will eat more natural, but it will be a good thing that they will know that you are improving your nutrition, since this can impact your blood values in a positive way.

    STEP 3: Weekly coaching call (30 min) & Messenger Support

    We will set up your support system. You will be able to start RIGHT AWAY after our first set up call.

    Measuring input and measuring output will empower us to see what is working and not and adjust if needed to go to the end destination. We will focus each week on which small actions will help you towards your destination.

    Because of the messenger support, you never get stuck.
    You might also find a buddy in this program, or support in our private FB Group


    In the membersarea, I will add extra training, that you can watch and learn at your own pace

    - 3 Schedules to save time in the kitchen (My unique PPP process), even if other family members have other diet preferences. Without the need of willpower, up to 4 hours every week

    - What meal planning software to use, to create your own week menu and shopping lists

    - Recipe inspiration, so you will never run out of easy meal ideas. You can expect a recipe book with 30+ recipes, so you will have variation and inspiration. Most of them will be ready within 30 minutes.

    -Learn how to create your own spices, and use herbs to make delicious meals. Learn how to cook without oil and get natural fats in your body with what nature provides.

    - Budget tips to eat healthy while saving money

    - Healthy protein sources for €0,25 - €0,80 per person, so you might even be able to save money on your groceries, so you will earn part of the investment back by doing so. Share your budget tips with us!

    -While in beta, you ask me what you need. And I might add an extra training in the membersarea for you!

    Click here for paymentplan

    Your Body Transformation Coach

    Claudia Kaldenbach (55) is mother of 2 adult kids and this year happily married for 30 years with Geert-Jan. Loves to windsurf in her spare time.

    After failing at diets for over 30 years, and being obese when covid came (93 kilos- 205 Pounds), she decided to put her health first this time and went on a quest, only interested in scientific proof and results.

    She lost 40 pounds, went from size 46 to 40 and have people ask her how she did it. Promised to dedicate her life in helping others and make the world a better place and never retire as long as she can add value to the world.

    She is on a mission to help women in menopause lose weight for good, so they feel happy, confident and free.

    Claudia's approach is
    - Positive (25 years of personal development)
    - Practical (creating systems and processed to make life easier)
    - Step by step (she will make your life and weight loss easier)
    - About a plant-based lifestyle you can maintain, without the need to excercise or giving up guilty pleasures for good.

    With her past experience as
    - A financial advisor, she analyses what actions to take
    - As a teacher she loves to teach you what you need to help you get results 
    - A speedreader, processing lots of information and giving you the "health hacks" that you need.

    She is always learning, improving and creating.
    Always with results for her clients in mind.

    Get to know her and her program, and you will love to work with her.


    This website and my services are for educational purpose only. This system is based upon scientific research and implies natural food and nutrition to help you transform to a lifestyle instead of using a diet to deprive yourself. Always consult with your doctor or specialist, especially if you are using medicin. 

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