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If you are in menopause,
this is what you need to know

5 Essential Nutrients That Support You During Menopause

Having Menopausal Symptoms and unwanted belly fat?

During menopause we are in a period of change in our lives.

Due to your hormonal changes in Menopause, you might experience hot flashes and night sweats.

But did you know you are also at risk with bone health, weight gain, muscle loss?

With this guide, you will learn what food your body needs right now to overcome those menopausal issues.

  • 4 Foods that will help reduce hot flashes

  • 5 Key Nutrients your body needs during menopause (and evidence)

  • How to balance your insuline level, so you can avoid weight gain

  • What to eat to prevent muscle loss

  • Healthy fats that lower the risk of chronic dissease like heart dissease or cancer

Claudia Kaldenbach, Health Hacker

On a mission to help vegan women in menopause lose weight, so they feel happier, full energy and more confident.

After turning vegan in 2016, cooking healthy meals to lose weight in a busy life was a puzzle she could not figure out. 

When COVID came and her other business went down, she decided to put her health first and figure out what WOULD work.

With renewed insights (evidence-based; scientific proof), she created a new lifestyle and got rid of 40 pounds of which 20 pounds within 2 months.

She now is 55 and feeling better than ever before. Her motto:

"The best is yet to come".

Claudia is also a plant-based ambasador, believing it to be the solution for global issues that need to be solved.

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