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Who is this for?

You Want To Transform Your Body And Improve Your Health

I remember the struggle. 

You have tried diets before, maybe losing a few pounds. But then, before you know, it all gets back (and some more).

The endless struggle, thinking: "What am I doing wrong, why isn't it working?".

Feeling a failure, believing it is because you lack the will power, blaming yourself for not being able to be consistent.

Not knowing what to do or not to do, depriving yourself of calories and/or going to the gym. Because that's what is being said.

But it is not working for you. You are not able to turn things around.

Left in the dark on what to do or not to do, you feel frustrated. This one thing is nagging from inside, making you insecure. 

Although you might cover up your body with clothing, you can not deny what you see in the mirror ...being naked. You notice fat where it not used to be...Not feeling comfortable in bathing suit anymore, you rather avoid a swim.

It is not your fault 
That was my story 1 year ago. Being obese (20 kilo's to lose) and chronically ill. Expert in failing in all types of diets (weight watchers, high protein, low carb, shakes, intense training).

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready for change. Although - like you - I had no clue how to turn it around.

Although I had the feeling that plant-based would be the direction to continue in, since I lost 8 kilo's turning vegan in 2016. Yet struggling for 4 years, since I could not find a way to veganize my menu for weight loss, without meat replacements and without spending hours in the kitchen. 

May 2020 was my turning point

Because of the new reality we lived in , I suddenly realized I was at risk, being obese and chronically ill (High Blood Pressure Medicines).

So I went on a quest to find scientific proof of what WOULD work. Only interested in RESULTS, I attended health summits, read dozens of books and read scientific reports (Yes, luckily I developed some fast-reading-skills so I can process tons of information).

I was shocked to learn:

1. 50-70% of Adults are overweight, the world wide obesity pandamic started decades ago and stats are still increasing
2. The diet industry is a billion industry, still 99% of people to lose weight. And if they do, they gain it all back

3. Our body is not made for weight loss, but for weight gain, to help us survive in times of lack. Yet now - since we live in a jungle of processed food and quick fixes - we overeat on processed foods and get addicted to it.

      I did not know I was addicted to (processed) food! 

I gained new insights that were hopefull
1. Plant-based food can help prevent or even reverse obesity and heart dissease (and prevent other chronic disseases)

2. Plant-based food is high in volume and low in calories
3. Intermittent fasting might help me to lose weight despite menopause

I had to solve my emotional eating and cravings for processed foods, optimise my food intake to lose weight without hunger and destress my life.

And so I did.

I implemented several insights into the ALIVE system and lost 10 kilo's within 2 months.  Since this year I have lost 20 kilo's and I am in skinny yeans size 40 instead of 46 (and yesterday I bought a dress size 38/40) and feel amazing, confident, happy and free.

Some of the biggest problems that are holding you back from the Plant-Based Weight Loss is a lack of clarity on

- what and how much to eat

- how to escape from cravings and emotional eating

- and how to stay consistent.

Without those 3 things, you will struggle to lose weight successfully worrying all the time how long you will be able to stay on track not fall off the wagon. Feeling frustrated, hopeless, and pretty alone.

That’s why I created my 12 weeks group coaching program to support you with all of that within a group of fantastic vegans with similar goals. Sharing exactly what I did to lose weight succesfully and keep it off. If you do what I did and learn what I learned and eat what I eat, you can do it too!

We will map out your weight loss goals to make sure you hit your short-term goals and monitor your journey all along. Within the first 2 weeks, you will already experience a change in your body..

  • We start by working on your mindset (beliefs, self-talk) so you’re in the best possible place to get the results you desire. You’ll start believing that this time you WILL be able to lose weight successfully and keep it off. This is not another diet, this is a lifestyle. Nothing can stop you now. 

  • We will map out your weight loss goals to make sure you hit your short-term goal and monitor your journey all along.

  • Optimal support, so you are no longer alone. You will know exactly what to do. In the weekly Q&A you will get your questions answered and in between you have 1:1 access to your coach via messenger. And of course a private safe facebookgroup to connect with the others

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    But Hey, Don't Take My Word For It!

    See what others are saying about me

    "I am really proud of her"

    "I've watched my mom struggle with her weight for years. She's tried everything over the years, but nothing seemed to work.

    A few years ago I decided to eat vegetarian for a summer and Mom joined me for fun. What we thought was a vegan cookbook turned out to be vegan. And then suddenly we were too. And that pleased!

    But helping with weight loss didn't really work for my mom. Yet she did not give up and afterwards fully immersed herself in plant-based food and found the right balance.

    And now? Wow! Mom has never been so slim, so energetic and so cheerful. I am really proud of her and I hope she can offer other women the same experience."

    Nadieh Kaldenbach, daughter

    "I already lost 4 kilo's in just a few weeks..."

    "I already lost 4 kilo's, feel healthier, and feel more energy. ...Losing weight does not need to be a lonely journey.

    It is so much better to do it together: easier and fun and wunderfull.

    Claudia is so amazing in understanding exactly where you are at on those little struggles that will make or break the deal of you losing weight.

    Dont hesitate, book the call let her know that you are interested and see if it is right for you because what else do you have to lose right? It feels amazing to have somebody right beside you in that journey and she is definitely my girl for that."


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    "I often eat nothing or very little the entire day"

    Exactly That is the reason you gain weight! You think you are doing the right thing. You can eat lots of veggies (and need to learn how to balance the rest of your intake). You will get more energy and feel better to handle you busy day as a young mom Also stress can keep the fat on. We talk some more about it tonight at #day4

    "I believe you. I dont do it on purpose, I just forget, dont have time or nothing healthy in house that i can just grab and I refuse to eat sweets and junk.

    Working on this!! Thanks Claudia!"


    "Oh yes, I think the biggest problem is now stress and because of it I sometimes do not care so much for good food and I love good food so much"


    Another Client of mine wanted to lose 5+ kilo's and fit into size 38 again. Because that is what makes her feel good.

    Starting point was a healthy weight already (BMI<25).

    She lost 5 kilos within the first 4 weeks and fits into her favorite skirt again.

    If she can do it....

    The 3 pillars of the ALIVE Program

    Especialy Designed With YOU As Busy Vegan In Mind

    Eat In Abundance

    • Exactly what to eat (Foodlist), without feeling hungry.

    • Exactly how to eat, so weight loss and fat burn is inevitable.

    • Which foods support weight loss & health (education), so you will know what to integrate in your menu's.

    • New easy recipies, so cooking is no longer complicated and you will save time.

    • Alternative ideas for vegan baking, that you could even present to your friends without feeling ashamed. Because it is healthy AND delicious.

    BONUS: Spice it up, how to naturaly spice your meals, so you don't need packages anymore

    BONUS: New cookingtechniques (video)

    so you don't need any oil

    BONUS: How to prepare tofu and tempeh so it will get delicious

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    Destress Your Live

    This program is designed with concise training, you can listen to in NO EXTRA TIME. During coffee/doing the dishes, you name it.

    With the ready to go week menu's en grocerielists, you save a lot of time to figure it out all by yourself. 

    And you will learn a way to prepp and cook that allows you to relax more during the week.

    If you'd like you will be able to use the foodlist to create your own creations later on, but first we make it really easy for you.

    1x a month we will meet online and you can get your answers questioned, and learn from the others.

    BONUS: 1:1 access to your coach via Facebook messenger in between the Q&A's so you never get stuck

    BONUS: Time hacks in the kitchen

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    Food & Emotions

    You will learn how to get rid of the emotional connection with food, so you will see food as it supposed to be. Fuel for your body (like a racecar needs the best fuel to perform).

    How to handle the impuls for cravings and resist it easily.

    Understand where behaviour is coming from and how to create new behaviour, so you do no longer need to rely on willpower.

    How to heal from emotions that might lie beneath your overeating.

    You will learn 4 techniques to help you change your subconcious, so you will not fall from the wagon to old sabotaging behavior.

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