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Do You Feel Like Plant Based Food

Is What Our World Needs Right Now?

Would You Like A Greener, Healthier and Happier Planet Too?

You care about a better world

You care about keeping our planet green, respecting animals and planet's resources

You are vegan, whole food plant based or moving into a more plant based lifestyle

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Plant Based Eating As THE Solution for world wide problems?

There were some global issues already before covid came...

This is what I vote AGAINST

  1. The polution of our planet
  2. The cutting of tropical forest
  3. The hunting of wild animals for fun or for human desire
  4. The increase of pesticides, that cause the death of our bees and other insects
  5. The cheap and indirect food production to feed the world
  6. The animal cruelty and circumstances in slaughteries, fur production and market
  7. The emphasis on disease and covid in stead of prevention and reverse of dissease

If you ask me the solution to ALL these world wide problems could be a plant based lifestyle.

The only thing we have influence on is ME

ecently I learned that to stop slavery in the past, only a minority of the world population was needed to be aware of it to put it to an end.

And that was in a time that we did not have the internet yet.

When I turned vegan in 2016 I got educated throught documentaries and decided never to go back.

Via my Facebook Page I'd like those who are already plant based to like and share the content, so we can inspire the world.

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The world is running fast and we're trying to catch up with it. As a result, we often choose convenience over time and don't prioritize our food.

After 4 years of struggling with plantbased diet in a busy life, I have developed some amzing timesaving habbits. I have them here for you, so you can save hours too !

  • 4 Best Planning Hacks, so you will not become a victum of binge eating

  • 2 Best Storage Hacks, so you will have a healthy solution on hand for unexpected timepressure

  • 4 Best Kitchen Hacks, so you are able to relax more during cookingtime

Claudia Kaldenbach, Health Hacker

On a mission to create a greener, happier and her healthier planet.

After 4 years strugling with weight loss as a busy vegan, she went on a quest to find what WOULD work.

Based upon new gained insights (scientific proof), she created a new lifestyle and got rid of unhealthy overweight and high blood pressure meds (after 30 years).

"I am on a mission to help other busy vegans to lose weight effectively, so they free themselves from frustration, feel alive and live the life they love".

Let's contribute to a greener, happier and healthier world ! 

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In her Facebookgroup you will find more free resources and training to help you succeed

on your plantbased weight loss journey.

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