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How women in menopause are losing 10 pounds
in 1 month or less


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Want to get clarity on what weight loss is possible for you?
What is keeping you from getting from where you are to where you want to be?

You'll find the answer with a 15 minute investment of your time. 

Before: obese and feeling depressed

I used to be pretty positive and happy in life. Happily married (after 30 years we got so close), our children 20+ come spend time with us, even during holidays. I built a business that was thriving.

The only thing that was nagging me, is that there was one thing I could not take control over. Over my own body weight and health.

I blamed myself for it. Other times I rationalized it "was not that bad", trying to cover it up with clothing that flattered me.

Out of breath, after climbing the stairs. Not able to put on my shoes. Not able to get up from the floor at the gym. The only way was rolling to the side like a walrus (blocked that one in my memory, untill Jan reminded me how it used to be).

Frustrated as I was, and because of the low energy I had because of an unhealthy body, I lost my happiness in life.

Turning vegan in 2016 made me lose 16 pounds, but it all came back.
Over the years the scale moved up to 215 pounds.

When Covid came I realized I was at risk and change was no longer an option. Didicated to discover what WOULD work, I was only interested in scientific research and proof.

After hours of study (I am a speedreader), merged insights together and started to apply them. With success.

Promised there and then - that if it would work for me, I would share it with the world.

5 Months later: Feeling happy and free

I was not at my weight goal yet, but lived a happier life.

Feeling back in control, instead of food controling me.
Yes, I discovered that I was overeating and that I had not taken good care of myself in my busy life.

Was it all perfect? Surely not. I escaped the diet mindset and now see food more as nutrition for my body and fuel for my busy life.

If I make a mistake, I recognise it and bounce back to better behavior. Finding balance in my life in eating healthy and destressing.

Weight loss is more than food alone.


Results in 5 months

Here is an impression of how my journey Claudia (53)
went during 5 months. While still experimenting in my formula about the insights gained, all based upon SCIENCE

The weight gain pikes have been learning experiences that help me guide my clients to overcome challenges.

Been there done that.

I know the first hurdle to take is to BELIEVE you can do it this time, since you probably failed at every diet in the past like I did.

That's why I made the QUICK START Strategy, to build back confidence, so you get short time results and feel empowered for more weight loss, if that's what you are after

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Recent Client Results

within 4 weeks after working with me (group coaching/ 1:1)

Tiffany set her weight loss goal for her birtdday, but reached her weight loss goal within 4 weeks, even though that was all she wanted to shed.

She has had issues with weight and eating in the past, and wanted to learn a lifestyle for life.

Currently Tiffany is in Mexico, hiking, doing yoga and balanced her nutrition accordingly to enjoy life to the fullest

Tiffany (30) has been vegan in the past, and went back to eating vegetarian.
Now she eats plant-based for health

Wilma was excited to get started. Weight loss for health was her motivation, and so she did.

She lost weight, gained energy and better sleep in the first days after the start. We will continue to work together for more weight loss from here.

Wilma (63)
Enterpreneur, having a busy life
She appeared not to be plant-based yet
and transformed to a 100% plant-based lifestyle, feeling great

In between my mooncycles, I have lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks. By eating MORE.

She discovered that she was lacking plant-based protein in her diet, missing the fuel she needed for her busy lifestyle

Inflamation is down, noticed that her face has changed and her female shape is coming back.

Shannon (49), partime enterpreneur, having a busy and active life. Hairdresser & Yoga Teacher
Was eating plant-based but not balanced

Release weight and KEEP it off

Before menopause her body was slim (size 38 European) and now she just wanted to drop 1 size - like she was 10 years ago - to fit into her favorite skirt of the past!

She was vegan and thought she already knew a lot, but we upped her knowledge of nutrition and plant-based cooking and baking (yes- her weakness- like many of us: baking).

Working together, we enjoyed our shared values:
* Positivity
* Mindset
* Sustainability

She lost 13 pounds. And now 8 months further?
She still fits in her cloths, and has not gained since 1

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Already studied a lot about plant-based & health
Transformed from vegan to plant-based