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With 1:1 access to me, you will get clarity on what you need to lose weight, without compromising on health.

I have free and paid resources to help you out.

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Based upon a questionaire you fill in ahead of time, we can make best use of our 15 minutes together

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Get access to an app on your phone, so you can track your food (even take photo's of your meals) in seconds, during 3-7 days,

It will empower us to analyze your current food habbits and what
next step(s) YOU need to lose weight

47 euro one time fee
included a 30 minute 1:1 consult

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Which weight loss goal is realistic and motivating at the same time?

What would YOUR body need to lose weight without compromising on health?

Let me use the data of science to help you get clarity what could be possible for you.

Since I create this plan for you, based upon your unique situation,
please our meeting at least 3 days in the future.

Mastermind & 1:1

Want even faster results? 10x your results by working closely with me and like-minded women, based upon the ALIVE Blueprint. This approach is based upon science, to get you results and it has been proven to work for me and my clients.

In a 4 week program, you will learn a system for live, and overcome every of the 3 major struggles women experience, when trying to lose weight.

My promise is that you will lose 10 lbs. Guaranteed!

If you'd like to learn what weight loss the easy way could look like, let's talk. Book a call today.

Weight Loss Action Plan - It's free

This was my weight loss journey

During these 5 months I lost 40 pounds applying the ALIVE Formula I created.

I lost 10 pounds within 30 days
I lost 20 pounds within 60 days

Then I took my time and lost 40 pounds within 5 months.

If you have more weight to lose, you might want to work longer with me.
The reason I created a 6 week program besides my 3 month program, is that it is the shortest time to give you a lifestyle for life. You can continue to work with me after that or do it by yourself.

The reason I guarantee that 10 lbs weight loss, is that I know that that is all you need to become unstoppable. Noticing your body response, your confidence coming back. (Since after failing at every diet, confidence is gone. I relate!)

The results of learning the ALIVE system is that you will have your manual for YOUR body to lose the weight you want, without compromising on health.

I now share my lifestyle systemto my clients, who love how I made their life easy, and now they enjpy the results by putting themselves and their food first.

But Hey, Don't Take My Word For It!

See what others are saying about their results after working with me

" I neede guidance. If I could do it myself, I would have done it myself"

"I had been gaining weight from menopause, having hot flashes . 
I have reumatoid arthritis, so my inflammation was fluctuating 10-20 pounds a day.  

I can tell a difference in my inflammation and my snacking habbits. Also got a more hourglass shape back.

I feel hopefull again, I have a skill set to fall back on. I feel like working with you really helped
integrate healthy habbits into my life on a daily basis".

Shannon Layton, back to healthy eating, lost 9 lbs within 3 weeks and got her hourglass shape back

" It is a system that works for the longer run "

"I was really struggling with my weight and emotional eating, and because of COVID not moving a lot.

You showed the way, teaching what is working. And I loved being able to ask any question I had.

The program has raised my energy levels. I fit in my old cloths, feeling confident in myself and a positive vibe about myself. 

I am feeling good in my body and in my soul. I now learned how to handle my emotional eating."

Tiffany Varpalotai, lost 44 lbs

More reviews are coming...