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If you just joined our free community, I'd love to invite you to a free 15 minute orientationn call, so you can learn your next step in your weight loss journey.

The reason that I do this for free, is that it is the best way for me to know what content, training and coaching I can create to help our tribe get results.

What to expect from our call:

  • You will get clarity on where you are currently at

  • We will explore where you'd like to be

  • You will get clarity on what's preventing you from losing weight right now

  • Next step to move forward in your weight loss journey

  • Claudia Kaldenbach

    After losing 40 lbs herself, she made it her mission to help other women take back control over their food, mind and body. Now helping women all over the world to no longer fail at weight loss.


    What our clients are saying

    "I feel hopefull again, I have a skill set to fall back on. I feel like working with you really helped integrate healthy habbits into my life on a daily basis."

    Shannon Leyton

    "This approach has raised my energy levels. I fit in my old cloths, feeling confident in myself and a positive vibe about myself. I am feeling good in my body and in my soul. 

    I now learned
    how to handle my emotional eating."

    Tiffany Varpalotai

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